Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Not Forgotten - Binghamtom, NY Broome County Courthouse

It looks to be 191?, due to the horrifying array of hats on the ladies. Many of the subjects have ribbons of some sort. It would be great to know why. The building is the Broome County Courthouse at the intersection of Court & Chenango Streets in downtown Binghamton, NY.

The people seem amazingly phlegmatic about sitting for this image. There may be a few Binghamton notables among them, which would also be interesting to find out.

On the back of the photo there is a stamp, H.E.Saylor, Photographer, Endicott, NY. It was a big help in finding this location. The Google Map location is here and a Picasa Album of shots around the area is here and another blog of Upstate New York called York Staters has a post with the photo that clinched my effort to locate this pillared stairway & get one step closer to knowing what this picture is all about.

The photo is about 6.25x8" on a thick cardboard mount of 10x12".

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