Monday, November 3, 2008

A Crew of Men

What these men did back in the 1800s is anyone's guess. Perhaps a clue can be found in the strange girl just off to the right. What is she holding, a plate of cheese? Are these dairymen?

There are several fobs visible, which indicates pocket watches, a symbol of middle class income. And as crappy as the outfits look generally, they are jackets & vests, even on the very serious kid on the right. It's a mystery, as usual, with these old photos.

The photo is roughly 7.5" x 5" on a 9" x 7.5" light card. There are no deliberate marks (like a title would have been nice) and the photo is really just as yellow as it looks here.It's just a fascinating window on a world without jet lag, megapixels or germ theory and many years before a proper personal deodorant!

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